Friday, May 20, 2011


Over the past two weeks we made maps of the playground and our classroom.  We included keys and a compass rose.  We made symbols for equipment and furniture.

In writing we are working on our own stories.  Some people are writing animal reports.  We are working on adding details to make sentences more interesting.  We are thinking of adding why?  where?   when?  and who? details.

In math we are pretending to buy items from vending machines.  We are working on buying two items, adding that in our heads, figuring out the money needed, and possibly giving change.

In Chorus we are working hard to learn the words to our songs for the May Fair and end of the year concert.  Mrs. Ragonese has complimented us on our improvement.

Last Saturday we had school.  We made cardboard buildings.  They were fun to build.  We had a barbecue, and we liked it!  The grill set the fire alarm off and we had to go outside.  We learned alot of history of Lyme because we went on a tour of the town.  People dressed up to teach us about it.  If you write an essay about Lyme history, you may win $100!

We had a great two weeks.

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