Friday, December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

This week we did a "double bubble" comparing and contrasting Native Americans and Pilgrims.  We also made another double bubble to compare and contrast children today and Pilgrim children.

In Art we warped a loom.  We used a pencil and cardboard to draw lines and then we cut them.  Plus, the back had dotted lines on the top and bottom of the cardboard.  Then we put string in the cut lines.

We are writing our opinion about whether we would want to be on the Mayflower or not.  Only a couple of us wanted to be on the Mayflower, most did not!  It was a long ride, people got seasick, it was dark and smelly, and there wasn't much to eat.

We finished Thanksgiving on Thursday last week.

In computer we were directing the iPad to do things (coding).

We are studying a new author of the month, Jan Brett.

We had a fabulous week!

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