Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015

This week in Art we started a self-portrait.  We had to mix our own paints to get our own skin color.  It took some work to get it right, sometimes it was too pink or blue.  Then we painted our head and shoulders.

Thursdays MOST  of our class goes skiing in the afternoon.

Today the Kindergarten did a play about Rosa Parks.  She got arrested for not getting out of her seat on the bus.

In science we are studying about the moon.  We stood in a circle, held a pencil with a styrofoam ball on the end, then watched how the moon goes through the phases (changes shape).

On Thursday we used our Problem-Solving Journals and worked on ways to make 12.  We also played Race to 100.

In writing we finished our Thank You letters, and some of our families got the letter in the mail.

We had a fabulous week!

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