Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

Over the past two weeks we learned about the Mayflower.  Most people left England and sailed on the Mayflower because the King was making them worship God his way.   One hundred-two passengers were on the Mayflower.    Many people got sick on the Mayflower.  Children liked to empty the chamber pots on the Mayflower  so they could get fresh air.  One man fell overboard, but was rescued.  A bad storm blew them off course.  They planned to go to Virginia, but landed on Cape Cod.  After arriving in Massachusetts, there were no houses, so they still had to live on the ship through the winter.  There were 2 dogs and 1 cat on the ship.  Water was not fresh and went bad, so everyone drank beer on the ship.

They made 7 houses by the end of the first year.  Half of the Pilgrims died the first winter. After their first year they celebrated with the First Thanksgiving.  They were thankful for the Native Americans teaching them how to grow food.  Squanto was the Native American that helped them the most.  Often the children did not have chairs to sit in at the table and had to stand during meals after their houses were built.  They made mattresses out of hay, straw, and grass.

First grade rocks!

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