Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015

This week in first grade we had field day to end our year.    We went on a field trip to Squam Lake Science Center yesterday.  

E:  I liked having Spanish everyday.
T:  I liked going to Squam Lake Science Center and seeing the  mountain lion.
R:  My favorite thing was having two recesses.
L:  I liked learning geometry.
B:  I liked learning about fractions.
S:  I liked when we changed jobs every week.
A:  I liked having field trips.
A:  I liked filling buckets.
C:  I liked playing with other people.
K:  I liked studying dinosaurs.
O:  I liked PE.
L:  I liked science.
S:  I liked Spanish.
M:  I liked writing.
R:  I liked social studies.
Ms. Angie:  I like children filling buckets.
Mrs. Wilcox:  I loved the enthusiasm for learning in this class.

We had a fabulous year!